Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Are you serious?"

Everson and I were playing with his cars today and I thought it would be cool to build a tunnel out of cardboard for his cars. So I did and was really excited to show him and thought he would be just excited to send his cars down his ramp and through the tunnel. I told him with excitement what I had done, showed him the tunnel I made and showed him how it works. He then proceeded to look at me with this face, which translates to, "Are you serious? You don't think I know what a tunnel is?" Since I missed the initial look, he was kind enough to do it again when I pulled out the camera. I know I will be seeing that face from him for the rest of my life.


Jessica said...

He looks EXACTLY like Todd in that second shot!!!

Patrick and Paige said...


mle said...

ahahahahahahahahahahah- that is totally a Todd face, but cutter and smaller. So funny Jen, what a little stinker! You are a nice mom.