Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween.  The weather couldn't have been better!  The kids got plenty of candy for both them and us!!  We had my sister's and brother's family over for dinner then trick or treating!  It was my new nephew's, Oliver's, first Halloween!

Everson - Venom, Canon - brown bear, Bridger - Ghost
My nieces were cupcakes and Oliver was a parrot!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

We actually carved pumpkins this year.  I think the last time we did it Everson was a baby.  We have gone to the pumpkin patch every year, but didn't get around to carving them.  The boys have been too little and uninterested.   This year we thought we would give it a shot to see how much the boys would participate.  They didn't like touching the inside stuff and carving it was a little tough for them.  What they did like was drawing the scary face onto their pumpkin with marker and having Todd and I carve it into a scary Jack-o-latern!  We had a good time pumpking carving with Burke, Mishelle and family!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Everson's Soccer

Everson had his last soccer in the pouring rain.  He started off the season refusing to go in the game, then slowly warmed up to being on the field, then actually going for the ball and then he scored a goal.  Overall he really enjoyed his soccer season and having his Dad as his coach.  

After his last game Everson got a trophy which he is so excited about!  His very first trophy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin patch

We headed to the Rolloff Farms pumpkin patch so Everson could get a pumpkin.  We went soon after it opened.  The boys loved the giant tires, hay pyramid, and seeing the farm animals.  They also had an exotic animal exhibit which had a baby lion, porcupine, cheetah, and a serval.  Everson found the pumpkin he wanted just before the rain came!  Perfect timing!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canon's Preschool field trip

Canon's preschool class took a field trip to the Lakeview Farms pumpkin patch.  Canon and Bridger loved the boat ride that takes you to the pumpkin patch and the train ride back to the beginning.  The weather was perfect for us and the boys loved running around, seeing animals, climbing up on hay stacks and finding their perfect pumpkins!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wedding Day!

 Saturday morning was pretty relaxed.  Brian and his guy friends got together before the wedding for a guy party to hang out and play games.  I just hung out with Brian's sister and mom and just relaxed!  Around 1pm the boys got all dressed up and headed to the wedding site to get pictures taken, I still was able to just sit around and do nothing!  Yay me!  After a couple more hours of just hanging out, those not in the wedding party got ready and off we drove to the wedding.  Brian's friend Ismar performed the ceremony, and did a great job and Brian's brother, Eric,was the best man, and Todd was the groomsman.  Marissa had her sister and cousin as her maid of honor and bridesmaid.
After the wedding their was a cocktail hour for the wedding guests while the wedding party got more pictures taken!  The food was yummy and we got to meet a lot more of Brian and Marissa's family!
The reception followed with a sit down dinner, dancing, toasts from immediate family members, more dancing, dessert, more dancing, and more mingling trying to get to know everyone.  Marissa is greek so her family got on the dance floor and did some greek dances and they were also so nice to let us, who had no idea what we were doing join them and teach us.  I have to say, it made me wish I was greek so I would know all the dances.  The reception was over and people headed over to the after party, which Todd and I skipped out on because sleep seemed more of what we needed.  We treasured the uninterrupted nights and the option to sleep in in the mornings.  The weekend came and gone so quickly, but we were so glad we were able to share such a wonderful day with Brian and Marissa!

                                      Todd, Brian, Ismar, Eric
                                    Brian & Marissa's first dance!   

Todd and I at the reception!

Thank you to my parents, Todd's parents and Todd's sister who took great care of our boys while we were gone for the weekend.  Our boys didn't even care we were gone for the most part, but they did say they were happy we were back!  The weekend came 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rhode Island here we come

Todd and I left all three boys overnight for the first time ever!  We flew to Rhode Island for Brian and Marissa's wedding.  Brian and Todd have been friends since grade school and have stayed best friends since.  It was a fun, busy and quick trip!  Our schedule consisted of, red eye flight out on Thursday, arrive Friday morning, take a two hour nap, thank goodness, then off to wedding rehearsal.  After that was the cocktail party then home for the night!  Todd gave a wonderful toast at the cocktail party.  It had some humor and yes, even some tears!  He got a lot of people coming up to him afterwards saying what a great job he did!

              Me, Marissa, Brian & Todd at the Cocktail party!       Todd & I in our rental car
A bridger we drove over a lot!      Brian & Todd at the cocktail party.   Brian & Marissa at rehearsal!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oliver visits!

The boys were so excited to have their new cousin Oliver come to our house for the first time!  They were a little too excited and had to be right next to him.  Canon and Everson were able to make him smile which they thought was pretty cool!