Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Playdate

Another playdate with cute Jordyn and Heidi! It is nice to have other girls around!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

We bought Everson bunk beds for his 3rd birthday! We thought it was about time to get him out of his crib and into a big boy bed. We surprised him with the Toy Story bedding. He was a little nervous to sleep in the bed, but did a great job.

Everson seeing the bed for the first time. He was a little excited!

Canon thought the bed was pretty cool too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The weekend coming to an end

Happy Father's Day!

We woke up, ate some waffles, went to church, ate leftovers for lunch and then headed back home. We had a fun weekend!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The weekend continued

Aunt Shel came in late on Friday night and missed Everson's birthday. So, this morning Everson got to have birthday #2. More present opening.

One of Aunt Shel's presents was a pinata. Everson's very first pinata! He tried his hardest to get to the candy inside, but that small bat did not make things easy for him. He did a good job.
Finally Daddy had to step in and help Everson out a little bit. It was a success and finally there was candy.
Canon wanted in on the action and took some pretty good swings too.
Lucky us, it was Waldport's annual Beachcomber Days Parade. So after pinata breaking, we got dressed and headed to the parade. The weather man predicted it to be rainy all Saturday, but by the time it was time to go down to the parade, the weather was perfect. Everson and Canon had fun! We got free ice cream and I got to see some friends from high school.
After the parade we went home for some lunch and nap time. Too bad Everson didn't get the memo that he was suppose to take a nap. My Mom, brother Mark, his girlyfriend, Annette, my sister, Michelle and I got all dolled up to go to my Mom's friends 50th birthday/3rd Anniversary party! Mark and Annette looked so cute! Michelle and I broke out our prom dresses! There was some good Filipino food, lots of fresh fruit and some dancing. My Mom was so excited that they had Tamarind, a really gross looking fruit. It doesn't taste as bad as it looks.
Half way through the birthday/anniversary party Shel and I stepped out, made a quick wardrobe change and headed over to a wedding reception where we got to see our friend Jaylyn (in picture below) and her wonderful family. It was Jaylyn's sister, Janae, who got married. She looked stunning!
The wedding reception ended and we headed back to the birthday/anniversary party to dance it up and pick up my Mom who we left there to chat with her Filipino friends. Shel and I ripped it up on the dance floor. Sadly, the night had to come to an end. We stopped by to visit my Aunt Margie on the way home. Todd, my Dad and the kids had fun back at the house while it was quite without us there.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Everson!

We headed down to Waldport for a fun filled weekend. First on the list of events was a visit to the beach. It was the most perfect day to be at the beach. Almost no wind and it was warm. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but once I get video that my Dad took of us I'll post that. We couldn't have asked for better weather than we had. Everson loved digging in the sand and Canon loved to run around. He even had a little spill and fell in the water, which he wasn't to thrilled about. I don't blame him because the water was still very very cold.
Next event for the day was dinner. My parents cooked up some yummy ribs, chow mien and cucumber tomato salad. My palette was very happy. Then came Everson's 3rd birthday party! We cannot believe he is already three. He is such a great kid and big brother. Everson is currently obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. He would watch Toy Story everyday all day if we let him. To be honest, some days that does cross my mind. His energy is always on hyper speed and his favorite question to ask is, "Why?" We love him!
After dinner we proceeded to the cake. Everson loved getting sung to. Being the type of kid who does not like to get his hands dirty, we did not expect him to dive right into the cake with his hands and face. By the time we stopped him from licking all the frosting and sprinkles off the cake and cut the cake, he already had is fair share.

Next came present opening. I love how he was excited about every present.
My Mom made sure that Canon wasn't left out, so he got to open a couple presents too.

After putting the boys to bed, Todd and I left to go up to Walmart before it closed. We got in there there 10 minutes before closing. We love Walmart. It could be because we do not have one very close to us, or the fact that things are so cheap there!
On our way home we thought we would stop by and visit Aunt Margie and Uncle Jim at their work. It was so good to see them and get a chance to talk with them!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun with Kyrie

Canon and Everson love their cousin Kyrie. All three play really well together. We had a lot of fun playing outside today when she was over. Thank goodness the weather warmed up a little today. I know the boys needed some warm outdoor time.

I took one picture of Canon today and after that he kept saying again for me to take more. So this is what I ended up with. When you ask Canon to smile, those are he typical faces. The big picture in the middle is the face he makes when you ask him to open his mouth or show you his teeth. Silly boy!
Everson, the kid of many faces. I asked Everson to show me his faces for different feelings and below is what I got. I think he did a pretty good job. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Todd! The boys and I took Pizza Schmizza and brownies to Todd's work for lunch for Todd and his employees. All of us just sat in the front room eating and talking. The boys loved visiting Daddy at work and getting to eat lunch with him like old times. We are thinking that eating lunch with Dad once a week would be a lot of fun!

The yummy brownies!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cuties #2

We love our boys!

An absolute Miracle

Once Everson reached the age of 10 months he would not fall asleep anywhere other than his bed, or pack n' play. We were lucky if we could get him to fall asleep in our arms during church. He wouldn't even fall asleep in his car seat. Everson is definitely not the kid who you find sleeping in random places around the house. He has been napping only two times a week. When I told him that he had to take a nap and he could either do it up in his bed or on the couch downstairs, he insisted that he would nap on the couch. This is how it always starts. He lays on the couch for a little bit, but then we end up going up stairs to his room. Anyway, this time, he miraculously fell asleep without a fuss. I typed at the computer and went in and out of the room and he still kept his eyes closed and fell asleep. I was couldn't believe my eyes.
I didn't want him to nap too late so he wouldn't be up late, but when I tried waking him up after about 2 hours he refused and told me he was still sleepy. He would then roll back over, close his eyes and fall back asleep. I tried five times to wake him up within a 90 minute period, but was unsuccessful. Everson finally woke up when he heard Canon playing upstairs. I don't know if this miracle will ever happen again, but I can at least hope!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Everson has decided that he wants to use chopsticks instead of any other utensils. He will use them for cereal, french toast, chicken, rice, meat, noodles, peaches, etc... Surprisingly he is pretty successful at them. There is some Asian in him!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Relaxing and watching a show.
There is no breaking their concentration when the TV is on.