Monday, March 16, 2009

Me want cookie.....dough!

While Todd was getting Canon to go to sleep, I decided to make cookies and Todd suggested to enlist the help of Everson. Everson has helped me make things before like french toast and muffins but his interest in adding the ingredients was very short lived. So, I didn't think making cookie dough would be any different. I was totally wrong. Everson sat on the counter and wanted to help put every single ingredient into the bowl. He even wanted to turn the mixer on and off. When I have made cookie dough in the past, Todd and I have tried to get Everson to eat the cookie dough, but he would refuse and get mad if we kept insisting and tried to force him to eat it. Today was a little different. Once the cookie dough was complete, I let Everson eat some chocolate chips out of the bag and then gave him a chocolate chip out of the dough thinking that he would just spit it out. WRONG. He loved it and kept asking for more. I have created a monster. Now I have to share my cookie dough with Todd and Everson. What have I done?


Diane said...

Fun! You have created an adorable monster :) I really like the picture college :)