Thursday, January 27, 2011

Break out the Christmas decor

Thanksgiving has come and gone and so it is time to break out the Christmas decorations. The boys loved hanging the ornaments on the tree. Of course they were all clumped together on one part of the tree.

Everson really really wanted to put the star on the top of the tree. So he climbed up his ladder, who he likes to call Dad, and up he went. Canon was fine putting the finishing touches on the tree with a couple more ornaments.
The two older boys had fun playing with their fisher price nativity set. After Bridger woke up from his nap, he got a turn to play with it too.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thueson Christmas

We got to celebrate Christmas two times this year. Once with Todd's side of the family on Christmas Day and the next with my family on January 8th! My family got together at my house for some yummy breakfast, then the present opening began. The boys loved opening more presents, of course. What kid wouldn't want two Christmas'?

How may pictures does it take to get a 3 yr old and two 2 year olds to look at the camera and smile? More than 12, I know that.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My birthday!

My day started off the same as any other of course. The only difference being. Everson made sure to sing Happy Birthday to me a number of times throughout the day. Canon would join in on occasion, but would pretty much stand their, listen, and then keep doing whatever he was doing.

Emily, the great friend that she is, brought me a yummy burrito bowl for lunch. She even tried to get Everson to go home with her, but was not successful. Everson loves to be in the comfort of his own home, or if we do go somewhere, he prefers I stay there too. It is getting better!

My brother, Mark, and I have the same birthday, four years apart, so we have been use to celebrating it together as you can imagine. So, why not again this year! I am not a big birthday person, so all I told Todd is that I wanted to stay home and eat my favorite Olive Garden entree for dinner! I called up my little bro and told him we wanted to treat him to dinner for his birthday! We placed our orders and Todd picked up the yummy food on the way home. It was delicious!

Everson and Canon thought we wouldn't be able to handle blowing out both candles ourselves, so they decided to help us out.
After our scrumptious dinner, Mark went off to a meeting, and we went down to Todd's parents house for some ice cream brownies and presents!
The night ended with Mark coming back over after his meeting, and he and Todd doing some male bonding playing XBOX. Of course Todd has to play it up for the camera and look like a crazy person.
It was a great relaxing birthday!