Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went down to my parents house in Waldport for Halloween this year. The weather was perfect for trick or treating. Everson was Nemo and Canon was a pumpkin. Everson loved trick or treating after our test run of trick or treating at my parents house. Canon of course had no clue what was going on, but was very content being held the whole time. We had a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre Halloween!

We had a fun time carving pumpkins and decorating cookies to get ready for Halloween. It is sad to say that it was my first time making sugar cookies and frosting by myself. I am not a big sugar cookie fan so I never make them. The cookies turned out good, but the frosting was a little bit thin. It tasted good though!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night, Saturday night, we went over to a friends house, had dinner and played an endless amount of games. There were so many kids and fun things to do that Everson would not eat his dinner. Little did we know that he ended up chowing down on Doritos throughout the night. Right before we were getting ready to leave the fun party, Everson barfed all over their kitchen floor. It smelled exactly like Doritos. Yuck! This was the very first time he has ever barfed so he had no idea what was going on. After the clean up, we went home and put him in bed. A couple hours later (1am), he barfed in bed. Another clean up duty and then back in bed. A few more hours later (4am), more barfing in bed. Todd and I were not enjoying this. Everson didn't seem to mind all that much, except for it any of the throw up got on him, then he had a problem. Back in bed he went after another clean up and we made it until morning. We of course stayed home from church and Everson seemed to be feeling just fine. He was his usual self, full of energy. Just being safe, we asked Everson to try and puke in a bowl if he needed to again. He thought it was so fun to carry the bowl around and tell us he was going to barf and then just sit there and smile with the bowl under his chin. 10 am rolls around and we think we are in the clear of barf. Everson was playing just fine and all of a sudden he goes over to his table where he had left his bowl. As he is about to pick up his bowl, Canon distracts him and instead of making it in the bowl he throws up on the carpet. We do give him props for trying to use the bowl. He is such a sweetheart and asked me if he could help me clean up his barf. I told him it was okay and he should just sit on the floor and relax.

So happy to have his bowl.
Showing us how he would barf in it when the time comes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is what happens when Todd goes and plays flag football. He didn't even get hit, or kicked, or stepped on right there. That huge bruise is due to a pulled muscle. I thought he was milking his pulled ham string to get some sympathy out of me, but once I saw this I couldn't make fun of him anymore for limping and waddling everywhere.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oreos and Pepsi?

Everson loves Oreo's and use to eat the entire Oreo until he figured out he could scrape out the white part of the Oreo with his teeth. He then leaves the cookie part on his plate and asks for another Oreo. Today, Everson left the cookie part of the Oreo on his plate which was on the floor. As I was cleaning the kitchen with Everson by the fridge playing with magnets and Canon in the living, at least I thought he was in the living room, I turned to go pick up Everson's plate with the Oreo on it, but saw that someone had beaten me to it. Canon had already gotten to it and was happily nibbling at the new crunchy yummy goodness he had discovered. Being the good Mom that I am, instead of making sure he wasn't going to choke I run downstairs to grab the camera. I am still getting use to him being able to crawl. Note to self, do not leave anything on the floor that I do not want Canon to eat.

He then decided to wash the Oreo down with some Pepsi, luckily the bottle was already empty.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We bought two huge zucchini's for only $.50 each at one of the pumpkin patches we went too. Todd and Everson shredded it up so we could freeze it for future use. There was not way we could have eaten it all without it going bad or without us getting sick of it. Everson shredded almost one zucchini all by himself.

In deep concentration.
Smiling for the camera. Yes, that it is smile!
These two are best buds. Can't wait for Canon to get a little bit older so they can be the three amigos!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

My family was in town to celebrate my brother Chad's birthday. We went shopping and of course ate some yummy food made by Mom and Dad.

After going to the baby consignment sale today we came home to a lake in front of our house. Todd and my sister, Michelle, saved the day by raking the leaves off of the drain. Michelle even took off her shoes since the water was too deep to step in with shoes without getting soaked.
My niece, Kyrie, found it so much fun to shove a whole little person into her mouth and crawl around with it. We were all amazed her mouth was big enough.

Uncle Scott playing with Kyrie
Sister King, my Mom's best friend, who has always been a second Mom to me had a fun time playing peek-a-boo with Everson. We loved having her visit with my parents.
My brother Chad, the birthday boy! Ribs, noodles, fruit, corn and cake, you can't beat that as your birthday meal. My Aunt Margie made the yummy cake from scratch.
Todd put on a show for Everson to watch on our laptop. Canon and Kyrie were more interested in the show than Everson. We could not get them to look away. TV junkies!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My boys!

I didn't even pose the boys like this. They did it all on their own. Luckily the camera was just a few feet away so I grabbed it really fast and got this picture. Love it!

Then Everson wanted a picture of him and his two friends, Douglas and Osito.
Now that Canon is mobile and crawling everywhere, Everson thinks he is fair game to tackle whenever his little heart desires. Oh boy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Windy day

The days around here are getting colder and colder, so we are not outside as much anymore. I guess looking outside will have to do. Both boys seem to like it.

The boys loved watching the trees get blown by the wind.

Everson likes to pet Canon on the head and say, "hi sweetheart!" It's so cute.
Canon has just been steady enough to stand at the window all by himself. He loves to watch cars drive by and people walk by.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We went to two pumpkin patches today and had so much fun. The weather was perfect and the boys had a blast. Between the two pumpkin patches, we got to enjoy a hay ride, kettle corn, lots of pumpkins, animals, and rides in a Radio Flyer wagon. Everson loved being pulled in the wagon. He would yell, "yeah Mom," when I pulled him in it. McKayla carried Canon around almost the whole time at the first pumpking patch. Her arms were a little sore after that. The second pumpkin patch we went to had the biggest pig I have ever seen (you can see of picture of her in the collage). Her name is Matilda. Two things I learned; both boys LOVE kettle corn and Everson cannot just set down the pumpkins, he has to drop them. Hopefully we will get to go to a couple more pumpkin patches before the season is over.

Everson searching for the perfect pumpkin.
Trying to decide which ones to take home
He finally found the one he wanted.
Canon couldn't decide, so McKayla chose one for him.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Because he is so cute!

Canon and I get some time to ourselves while Everson is napping. Today I decided to snap some random pictures of Canon for the fun of it and play around with my camera a little. He is so cute, who wouldn't want to take pictures of him?

This is Canon, wishing I would stop taking pictures of him and play with him.
He constantly has his tongue sticking part way out of his mouth.
My camera skills.

We have a crawler!

We never thought this day would come, but Canon has finally crawled. Yes, you read it right, he crawled. He is still more interested in walking, but at least now he knows he can go get toys that are out of his reach without having to roll on the floor. Watch out Everson, your little bro is mobile.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Playdate with Brooke!

We had a fun morning with our friend Brooke, Everson's little girlfriend from across the street. She came over to play while her Mom helped in her big brother's class. Everson was quite the host, making sure she always had a toy to play with and that he was right there by her side to give her a hug, even when she really did not want one. Looking at the pictures, they look more like siblings than Canon and Everson do!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Videos videos videos

So, we are actually pretty good at remembering to take videos of the boys, but I am not good at getting them off the camera and onto the blog. To make for the lack of videos on our blog, here is a post just of videos. Enjoy!

Canon enjoying a little corn on the cob.

Everson and Canon having fun in the bath. They love taking baths together.

Everson loves the show Bear in the Big Blue House. In one of the episodes he watches the mouse in the house, Tutter, kicks a soccer ball and then says, "Oh yeah, who's the mouse, who's the mouse," while he flexes his muscles. That is what Everson is doing and saying in the video below incase you cannot understand him.

Canon is not exactly on the same track as Everson was as a baby. He has not crawled yet and doesn't seem to me interested in doing so. What he loves to do is make you hold his hands while he walks around the room. It get very tiring. While our friends, John and Amanda, were over the other night, Canon took a few steps on his own. I'm certain it was luck since he has not done it since, but it was very exciting nonetheless. You be the judge. Will he walk before he crawls?

PS( I love the end of the clip where John comments about Canon's cottage cheese thighs, which makes Canon cry, but Amanda is there to comfort him when she explains she likes cottage cheese and actually just bought some!)