Saturday, July 27, 2013

Idaho Coopers part #2

Once everyone woke up and we got moving someone mentioned pancakes and I think all of us started salivating.  So off to IHOP we went!  We filled our tummies and then hit up some garage sales on the way back to the homestead.  A couple tennis rackets and lego set later, we were back at the Hotel de Coopers to get ready for the rest of our day.
Eagle Island was next on the list.  It is a man made lake and beach.  The perfect place for families!  Our boys loved swimming in the water especially with Will and Kayla!  We swam for a while then decided to have the boys try out the water slide which they have never been on.  Bridger wasn't tall enough to go on it even though he really really wanted to.  Poor kid and to sit there and watch his brothers have all the fun!  We were a little nervous that once Everson and Canon got to the top that they would change their minds and march back down the hill.  Much to our surprised the excitement was still there and they sat right down when it was their turn and down they came.  Saying they loved it would be an understatement!  The boys went on the water slide three times!  After all the fun on the water slide we hit up the shaved ice stand.  That stuff was so yummy!  We swam for a little bit longer then our tummies told us it was time for dinner!
Uncle Bill and Aunt Kendra took the boys in their convertible, which they were very excited to ride in!  Ate a good dinner, went back to Hotel de Cooper, heads hit the pillows and the boys were out!

Our last morning with the Idaho Coopers was nice a slow and relaxing.  We packed everything up and then Kendra made the yummiest breakfast burrito!  Todd cannot stop talking about how much he liked it. I guess I'm going to have to make them for him someday, even though I know it won't be as good as Kendra's!!

We had such a fun time and we plan to make our road trip to Idaho and annual tradition!!
Thanks, Bill, Kendra, Will and Kayla for a great weekend!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Idaho Coopers part 1

We decided on Tuesday that the coming weekend would be a good time to visit Todd's brother's family in Idaho.  So we packed things up and off we went on Thursday!  The road trip didn't start off too well.  It took us an hour and ten minutes to reach downtown, which usually it would take ten minutes.  Todd was fed up with the traffic and was ready to turn the car around if I agreed that is what we should do.  We decided to stick it out.  So, an hour and forty-five minutes into our trip we had only traveled about thirty miles.  That put a damper on our arrival time.  The boys did great in the car.  They got a little cranky near the end, but who wouldn't being strapped into a car seat for eight hours.  We finally arrived at Hotel de Cooper at 1am!

The next day we headed to Settlers park where we played at the playground and splash pad.  It was a really cute park.  The boys had fun!

Next we decided to take a little swim at their neighborhood pool!

We went home ate some yummy tacos (thanks Kendra) then head over to the pond that they stock full of fish for the boys' first time fishing!  They were really excited, but after a couple minutes of standing there holding a fishing pole, Everson declared, "fishing is boring!"  Sadly nobody caught a fish or even got a bite on their line.

From the pond we walked back over to the park where it was movie night!  We enjoyed the cute movie, Wreck It Ralph.
 The boys were definitely ready for bed and they slept very well!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pool time #100000

Like I have said before, the days have been a little hot these days which makes our none air conditioned house hot, so we go to the pool pretty much every day!  The boys are getting so comfortable and good in the water!  Their swimming lessons must be paying off!  Michelle and Oliver were still in town so they joined us!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swimming with extended family!

Oliver is 1 year old!  He had a big fun birthday party filled with family, friends, food, games, a nap (for Oliver), bubbles, balloons, and presents!
Fun in the pool was a great way to end the day!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

She thinks my tractors sexy

Clearing out our backyard for our new patio/basektball court/ firepit area/bike riding area!!  Who knew a tractor would be so fun to drive?  Todd and his brother, that's who!  They were like giddy little kids Christmas morning!  You could see the joy on their faces when they got a really big scoop of dirt!  They wanted to share this pure joy that they felt, so Cody, Greg and even Canon got a turn on the machine!  While the boys were having fun with the tractor, us ladies built the retaining wall with our bare hands!!  (sorry no pictures of us)  We are now one step closer to a new patio!!  Yay!

We really do appreciate everyone that came over to help us excavate our backyard!
We'd also like to give a shout out to Scott for hooking up our new to us washing machine!  (again, sorry no pictures of that)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pacific City

A perfect day at the beach!  If you haven't been to the beach a Pacific City you need to go!  We hiked a huge sand dune, skin boarded, roasted hot dogs, played some football, built a huge sand castle, sumo wrestled and relaxed. least that is what everyone else did.  I managed to sprain or dislocate Bridgers' wrist as we ran down the sand dune.  So, he was crying for about an hour curled up in my lap holding his wrist saying, "owie, hurt."  I probably cried just as long since I felt horrible for being the cause of his pain.  Luckily we had brought some children's ibuprofen which he happily drank, then he fell asleep.  Too bad I couldn't fall asleep, I sat there worrying about what he will be like when he wakes up, how bad I really hurt him and there was a prayer constantly being said in my head. I held him sitting in a camping chair for a good two hours.  Thank goodness when he woke up he ate a couple red vines and chips which got him in a good mood and he was ready to climb the sand dune and play again and he didn't complain about his wrist once.  The day ended with everyone going back to Todd's parents house and eating ice cream, which if you know me at all you would know I would not miss that.  But sadly, I had a really bad stress headache so I curled up on the couch completely covered with a blanket while everyone else enjoyed the delicious ice cream!    Even though I was stressed and felt like the worst Mom in the world, I still enjoyed the day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

We had another fun 4th of July!  The day was full of, family, friends, yummy food, a parade, glow sticks, and fireworks!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Getting thrown by Dad!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coopers in the pool

Pool time with the Idaho Cooper family!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pool time

The pool is the only way for us to cool off on these really hot days in a house with no AC!