Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little People!

For a while now Everson has had his Little People named that go into his school bus. The first time I noticed he had named them was after we had gotten back from a weekend at my parents. You be the judge and let me know if you can see the resemblance in any of Little People and the real people.

Grandpa & Lola.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We had a fun weekend down at my parents. It is always nice to go back home! All the kids (my sister and husband, my little bro, my older bro, his wife and baby girl) were home, so we had a full house, but it was fun! Todd and our brother in-law Scott, went out crabbing and caught their limit of 12 crabs each. Yummy! Lots of my Mom's good cooking and hanging out as a family is always fun.

Canon and Grandpa relaxing on the couch.
Canon and his cousin Kyrie both really wanted Canon's gas relief bottle. Out of all the toys they fight over a medicine bottle.
It wouldn't be a Waldport trip without fun pictures on the beach!

Me and my son that looks like he could acutally be mine, not like Everson.
I had my sister take our picture so we can finally have one of the four of us. Our new family picture!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Body Paint

Who knew brownie mix would make such great body paint.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Todd found a potato bug on our deck and asked Everson if he wanted to hold it. "Yeah," Everson confidently replied. So Todd went in for the hand off. Usually the hand off is the point where Everson changes his mind, but today was different. He welcomed the bug onto his little hand held and was very curious about it. A little while later Todd found a worm in the dirt but this time Everson just wanted to admire this little creation on his Daddy's hand.

The potato bug hand off.
So proud he is holding a bug.
Acting like he is going to eat the poor bug. He would never do it, he is just a big tease.
Looking at the worm at a safe distance.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodwill Find!

We took a family outing to Goodwill today and had a great find. It is a ActivePad electronic book like the Leap Pad books. It was only $4.00 for everything. After disinfecting, Everson was so excited to find out what it was exactly. He thinks it is so neat and does well with the ABC's and Number games on the pages. Definitely worth the $4.00.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I was making dinner today I all of a sudden noticed Everson was not being his loud self so I did not know where he was. Usually when this silence occurs he is getting into something he shouldn't be getting into, or he is in some corner pooping (in his diaper of course). Just a few seconds after deciding to go find him I hear a cute little voice say,"hi!" which sounded like it came from the front door which was propped wide open. After taking a few steps across the kitchen floor to look down our entryway, the below picture is what I saw. Everson was sitting in our front doorway saying "hi" to anyone that walked by the house. When the occasional break in walker byers came, he decided to fill the silence with singing. He sang very quietly, while he sat there swinging his feet waiting for the next person to come by so he could say hi to them. I could not figure out what he was singing until I got closer. As I crepped closer to him I could hear his sweet little voice singing the ABC's. Once he heard my footsteps, he jumped up and became loud Everson again. Oh how I wish I could have gotten it on video.