Saturday, July 31, 2010


Canon had his first big accident today. He was riding his car on the deck when he drove it off the edge down onto the step, flipped over the handlebars, and landed on his back in the grass. Apparently his head slowed him down by hitting the step. Ouch! Canon is a tough little guy. He cried for just a little bit and then was back to playing and wanted to jump on the trampoline. Two of my boys (Canon & Todd) both have had their skin ripped off somewhere on their bodies recently. I guess that just leaves Everson. Hopefully Everson will be the only boy unscathed.

Monday, July 26, 2010


The culprit.

Todd bought himself a new skateboard not too long ago. He told me that he would be very careful on it and not kill himself or seriously injure himself. He went out skating tonight with our nephew, Keegan, and our friend Kathryn. When they got back, this is what I saw.

Todd's right knee.
Right elbow.
Right shoulder blade.

Maybe I should have been a little more clear of what a serious injury really is.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

Even though we were a little bummed that Todd wasn't coming down to my parents house with us, I was very excited that he decided to stay behind so he could paint our house. We picked out the color a couple days before I left and I still wasn't sure how it would look on the entire house as oppose to a swatch of it on the wall.
When I pulled up to the house and saw it painted, it made me smile. I thought it looked really good. Todd worked so hard and did an amazing job. Not only did he paint the house, but he painted our front door an awesome color, did touch ups in the house, installed new light fixtures around the outside of our house, and installed a new light fixture and mirror in our downstairs bathroom. He was a busy hardworking hubby the whole weekend!

Originally we were planning on painting the gutters black, but after Todd painted them the same color of the house he is wondering if we should just keep them the way they are. What do you think?
(The before picture is a little outdated, but it was the only picture I had)
My awesome green front door! I love it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Car Show

I went home to attend my 10 year high school reunion (pictures and posts to come). We had a fun filled Saturday. First we went to a Pioneer Day BBQ, then a car show, next was nap time, then my Sister and I left the boys napping with my parents and headed to my reunion.

Everson's favorite car was the dark blue (his favorite color) one. Canon really liked the old truck.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our improved deck

Today was the day Todd was going to tackle the work on our deck. Luckily while he was outside working on it, our friend, Blair, ran by and said after his run he would come back and help. THANK YOU BLAIR!! What Todd thought was going to be a two hour project ended up to be a couple hours more. As Blair and Todd slaved away, I was kind enough to be out there to supervise and enjoy the unconventional way they put everything together. It was very amusing. They got the job done and that's all that matters. We liked our deck before, but now we like it even more.

What do you think? Not bad huh!


I know my Mom is going to freak when she sees these videos, because she thinks skateboarding is very dangerous and then adding in precious cargo, aka her grandkids, makes it worse, but I thought they were cute. Sorry Mom!

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive to let Todd skateboard while holding the boys. He assured me that nothing bad was going to happen. So, off he skated and I am glad that he was right, nothing bad did happen.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Canon loves stickers. Usually he puts them on anything and anyone near him. Today he decided that his legs looked a wee bit plain, so what was his solution, add stickers to spruce them up a bit. He would point to the sticker on the page he wanted and then sit there and think about the best place on his leg the sticker would look best. Then Canon proceeded to point to every one of them on his legs and say, "dat" (translation: that).


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toy Story 3

Everson absolutely loves the Toy Story movies and has them memorized. Toy Story 3 was the perfect movie for his first time at the theater. We were a little concerned how Canon would do and even thought we would leave him with Todd's Mom while we went, but then decided that Canon would also enjoy the movie. So off we went to the theater with myself, Todd, Everson, Canon, Bill, Will, Kayla and Todd's Dad, Chuck. Everson sat there in awe about how huge Buzz looked on screen and was just taking it all in. Canon sat still on my lap for the first hour and then decided he wanted to walk around a little bit. This was okay since our group made up half of the people in the theater. Toy Story 3 was a success. Both boys did great in the theater and enjoyed the movie.

Everson even brought one of his Buzz Lightyear's with him!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

On the 4th of July we always have our family BBQ and then head up to our neighborhood fireworks! This year, my boys had to take naps during the BBQ so we wouldn't have meltdowns and miss the fireworks. Everson and Canon both loved the fireworks. They were both in awe!

Everyone having fun at the fireworks. Tanner and Isen get the award for coolest hair with their mohawks!

No caption needed for this picture!
But I have to say, I love the way Bill, in the first picture, is checking out Kendra, his wife, adjusting her glow in the dark brassiere. I LOVE these pictures! Thanks you two for a good laugh!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd Fun!

The family got together for a mean game of capture the flag. Other games we played were, dragon tail and hit the road jack. Canon couldn't really play the games so he hung out with Mema and blew bubbles. Everson hung out with Deda and also blew bubbles and played on the nearby playground. Everyone had a good time running around. To top off the night we ended with some yummy banana splits and cookies.
(We missed Burke and Mishelle's family and Julie!)