Friday, February 27, 2009

The Smirk!

Canon is so cute when he smiles and makes his cooing sounds. I love this stage when you can tell they recognize who you are and they acknowledge it with a smile and cute noise. Our little Canon doesn't always make a full smile so we end up with a smirk, which I think it just as cute! We tried to get it on camera but we were not that successful at it. These two pictures shows a small smirk. Just imagine it a bit bigger!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

SNOW! More Tummy Time! Fort! Cereal!

Believe or not but we got snow again here in Portland. Everson's favorite part is to eat it. Todd went out and scooped up a cup full of snow for Everson and sure enough, he ate every last bit of it.
Everson giving Canon a kiss for being good during Tummy Time!
Everson helping out with Tummy Time again. I love how they are both looking at each other.
Got tired of holding his head up so he decided to suck on his hand.
Everson has always thought playing in his fort was a lot of fun. Now playing on it is fun too!
I asked him if he could grab both of his feet at the same time. He replied enthusiastically, "YAH," then proceeded to do so.
Just hanging around.
While I was cooking dinner. Everson decided to get all the open boxes of cereal out of our cupboard so he could have a little sample of each kind. He then decided to take anything and everything out of the cupboard that he thought was really cool. Each time he would pull something out of the cupboard he would say "WHOOOOOA!" and then come show it to me where he waited for an enthusiastic response like," COOL! or WOW!"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stickers & Tummy Time

Everson and I thought it would be more fun to put stickers on our faces instead of in the sticker book. It was a lot of fun, but now he wants to stick the stickers on everything. Now, I am finding stickers all around our house. Funny boy!

Sticker faces.

Everson likes to help me with a lot of things. He loves to pat on Canon's back and try to burp him, he wipes Canon's face off even when there isn't anything there, and recently he wanted to help Canon with his tummy time.

Everson wanted to help Canon do tummy time by holding his head up. I told him that wasn't the best idea and suggested to just talk to him.
Here Everson is helping Canon with tummy time by saying "hi" to him and trying to get him to look at him. It was so cute to watch.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Chair

Canon is getting so big, fat and cute! He is such a good baby who just goes with the flow. Todd put Canon in Everson's Lightning McQueen chair, which he absolutely loves. Everson thought it was funny but wanted to sit on Canon's lap. So we had Canon sit on Everson's lap, but Everson didn't think that was as funny at all. After that, he wanted his chair back.

Look at those cheeks!
Just chillin'
Everson wanting to be on Canon's lap.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uncle Scott & Aunt Shel

The tent has continued to be a big hit still. Everson loved playing in his tent with Uncle Scott and Aunt Michelle. During the day if he gets his hands on a phone he always asks to call Scott and Shel. Since they both work at different places we have to make two phone calls each time. It doesn't matter who we call first, once they pick up Everson always wants to call the other before he even says hi. It is really cute that he wants to call them all the time. They should feel very loved!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The boys the boys!

The two boys dancing with Dad.
Canon is such a good baby. He puts up with a lot.
Everson giving Dad and Canon a big hug.
My three cute boys!

Gravy Dinner

Everson is usually a really good eater. He eat whatever Todd and I eat for dinner that night. Well tonight Everson decided to modify the meal in his own peculiar way. Pot Roast was on the menu tonight and every other time I have cooked it Everson has eaten the meat and some of the veggies so I was expecting him to do the same tonight. First bite went in his mouth, he chewed it up and then spit it out. The next five bites that followed he did the exact same thing. I decided to give him the gravy in a bowl instead of just pouring it on his tray. He got a piece of meat on his fork, dipped it in the gravy in the bowl put it in his mouth, chewed it up and swallowed. Yes, a success. We would not have guessed what would have followed if you gave us a hundred guesses. Instead of going for another bite of meat, Everson decided to skip the dipping part and go right for the "sauce" gravy. He picked up the bowl and gravy, jugged it down and asked for more. With big smiles on both my and Todd's face I put more gravy in his bowl to see if he would drink it again. Sure enough, down his hatch the gravy went and again he asked for more. Everson decided he wanted to drink three bowls of gravy for his dinner than eat the actual food. Todd and I thought it was hilarious. Gravy has some nutritional value right?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Everson has discovered the world of "sauces." In other words, things to dip any and all foods in. When eating a grilled cheese sandwich, Everson asked for the red sauce, which means ketchup. So I gave him a squirt of ketchup on his tray thinking he would change his mind after the first bite. Boy was I wrong. He loved it. GROSS! It didn't stop there. He then proceeded to ask for the orange sauce, maple syrup. Don't ask me why he calls it the orange sauce, I have no idea. Everson decided that his grilled cheese sandwich tasted better dipped in both the ketchup and the syrup. As long as he ate his sandwich I was happy. He can dip it in whatever he wants.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Today I asked Everson if he wanted to hold Canon. Usually when he wants to it lasts about 30 seconds and then he is done. Today was a different story. Everson held Canon for a good 10 minutes and would have held Canon longer but I picked him up because he was crying. It was so cute to watch him kiss him and look at Canon's fingers and wipe his mouth with the burp cloth. Everson is such a great big brother!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a fun valentines day. First we woke up and found we had been heart attacked. Everson screamed with excitement when he saw all the hearts on our door that he wanted to pull off and keep for himself. Everson had one of his favorite foods for breakfast, french toast. Instead of being cut up into squares, he got little hearts. He loves dipping his pieces in syrup, or "sauce" as he calls it. Then, Aunt Shel, Uncle Scott and Sah Sah came to visit. Shel taught Everson how to jump over his markers. It was the funniest thing. Each time he jumped over his markers he would give Shel a big hug. So cute! We later got ready for our Valentines Day party! Each person makes a valentine for everyone else. Sometimes they are silly and other times they are very thoughtful and sweet. Of course there is also a lot of candy involved. Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!

Techno Geek

Already Everson loves technology. It started with Todd playing X-Box with him when he was just a few days old. Then it evolved into wanting to play with our computers any chance he could get, then cell phones, now he has moved onto another mobile form of technology, iPods. He thought it was so neat that he could sit on the couch with this little device in his hand and watch Monsters Inc. The ear phones were a big hit too. Needless to say, he was hooked in a second.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Everything and the bathroom potty!

For Christmas Everson got a tent from Uncle Greg and Aunt Tracy. We decided to set it up in his room a couple days ago and it has been a huge hit ever since. Everson has filled it with all of his stuffed animal friends, pillows, a sleeping bag, and his potty. Yes, you read it right, a potty. He is not potty trained, but thinks it is so fun to sit on his very own potty. I guess he made sense to him that he had everything else he really liked in the tent already, why not his potty!

Everson loves to climb in and out of the window

Lifting the lid up on his potty so he can sit on it. He is also really good at remembering to close the lid after he is done.
Everson on his throne!


We have been trying to throw away or donate things around our house that we do not need. Todd stumbled upon a clock that we haven't used in a couple years and thought that it would be a fun project for Everson to help him paint it. If it turned out cute we would keep it, if it didn't we would just throw it away. The verdict at the end was to throw it away.

Blue Clues!

Everson loves to watch Blues Clues. He sits in his Lightning McQueen chair, which is now his Thinking Chair (like in the show) and holds his Notebook (made by Mema). Everson loves to dance to the Blues Clues song and have me or Todd draw the clues in his notebook when Steve/Joe finds them on the show.

Everson is trying to give Steve his notebook with the clues!