Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st day of Preschool - Canon

Canon has been excited about his first day of preschool on and off for a while.  He was excited to see his "nice teachers" as he calls them and play with all the fun toys!  We dropped Everson off at his school and came back home to get Canon all ready for his big first day.  Canon proceeded to wear his backpack around the house for 30 minutes prior to his school starting.  As we walked to his preschool he started to ask me if I was staying with him and how long he would be at school.  I could feel him getting nervous so I answered his questions like it was no big deal.  We got to the preschool and he did exactly as he knew, put his backpack in his cubby, put his show and tell in the bin and his snack in the basket, find his name on the board and wash his hands.  He nerves seemed to have disappeared so Bridger and I got him involved in playing with one of his teachers and other kids, said goodbye and left.  Canon said bye really fast and just kept playing!  Yay!!!
What were Bridger and I going to do with it being just the two of us for the next hour and a half before Everson gets home?  Definitely a weird feeling just having one kid again, but so happy that I knew Everson and Canon were in school having a good time!  We couldn't be happier for our two school going boys!

Canon, so excited to be going to "his" school!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Everson's 2nd day of school

I just wanted to put on record that Everson did not cry even a little bit his second day of school.  He was still a little nervous but with a smile said goodbye!  Everson has now told us he loves school!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten - Everson

The day has come that we have a kid in elementary school!  Everson's first day of Kindergarten was today.  He was excited on and off throughout the summer.  This morning came and all seem to go well. We followed him as he marched down the couple blocks to the school.  He hung up his backpack, met his teach, put away the school supplies, started playing with the toys and then it was time for Mom and Dad to leave, which led to him crying/sobbing.  Two attempts of leaving him in the classroom ended up with Everson running out the door and grabbing onto me. The third and final time I only made it to the door before he caught me.  It was time for some tough love, so I told him to stand against the wall and not to follow me, then Todd and I and his brothers left.  We could hear him sobbing as we walked down the hall.
A couple friends called a little later in the day to let me know that they saw Everson in his classroom.  He was still standing by the door, probably exactly where we had left him, but was no longer crying.
As Everson's bus came to a stop to drop him off I saw a big smile on his face through the window.  When off the bus Everson had the face of, I'm trying not to smile so you don't know how much fun I had at school today.  He was not forthcoming with information, but did say he liked riding the bus home and his favorite part of the day was when they got to dance around the classroom!

In the big picture holding the sign he does not look excited at all.  The small picture holding the sign he told me he was trying not to blink.  I tried to get him to look at me while getting off the bus but of course he did not want to lead on that he was having or had any fun!

Even though he had a rough start in his day, we know he eventually gave in and had some fun and he will love his kindergarten year of school!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Twas the night before school and all through IHOP!

We had fun going out for breakfast for dinner tonight to celebrate school starting tomorrow!  Partying with the Walker's is always fun!  The girls were definitely out numbered tonight, but we are use to it!
We hope everyone has a fun first day of school!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


We had a great time out on the boat with family!  It wasn't the warmest day, but still a lot of fun!  All three boys loved being on the boat.  Uncle Greg was so nice to give each boy a chance to drive the boat.  They loved it!  

On the boat having fun!

In the water!  Everson loved tubing from the start and said he never wanted to get off!  Canon on the other hand had to warm up to it, but ended up liking it, but he did say he preferred being in the boat!  Bridger had so much fun riding on the boat and tubing that he fell asleep on me while watching everyone else tube.
Thank's Atacks for a fun day!