Monday, March 16, 2009

A day with the Coopers!

We were able to drive down to Springfield, OR and spend the day with Todd's brother, Bill, and his family. It was so great to see them, since we only usually see them twice a year (Thanksgiving and 4th of July). First, we all went out to eat brunch, at IHOP, which was delicious. I could eat breakfast food any time of day. We then went to the hotel where they were going to be staying and some of them swam. Some of them being, Bill, Will, Kayla, Deda, Todd, and Everson. I don't know if we can really count Everson since he pretty much just cried like Todd was torturing him in the pool the whole time. A few minutes of that was enough so Everson just sat with Mema and watched the others swim. I of course had to feed Canon, which was great since the water was cold, and I don't do well in cold water, like my sister in-law Kendra. We stayed nice and warm and dry on the side watching our family members shivering bodies. Swimming came to an end and we just hung out in Jeanette and Chucks room hoping Everson would take a short nap. As Todd and I predicted, the nap did not happen so we prepared ourselves for the worst. Luckily there were cousins, an Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents to keep the little guy occupied and distracted from realizing how tired he actually was. Dinner time came, and off to another restaurant to eat we went. We went to the Roadhouse Grill which Will and Kayla thought was pretty neat because you get to throw your peanut shells on the floor. Everson also got in on the action, but didn't understand that ONLY the peanut shells should be thrown on the floor. Dinner was over and it was time our visit came to an end. Goodbyes were exchanged, extra long hugs between the brothers were given! :) Then off we went.
Bill, Kendra, Will and Kayla, it was great to see all of you. We wish you lived closer and that we could get together more often. Thanks for a great day. We love you!

After being traumatized in the pool. Usually Everson only gets his binky in bed, but since his nap was being skipped this day, he was allowed his binky as much as he wanted.

Will playing with Canon.
Kendra and Kayla got homemade matching aprons for their brithday's from Jeanette.
Chuck and Bill napping. We were hoping Everson would follow their example.
While Deda napped, Everson played with Deda's glasses.
Brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta...kiss?


Cooper Family said...

Just want to say that at the time I thought it was funny to try and kiss my brother, but now looking at the pictures, I look way too into it.

Ashley said...

love Everson's suit. He looks like he is going to catch a wave at any moment...