Thursday, March 12, 2009


Todd and I have been contemplating whether or not to cut down the big pine tree in our front yard. We like the tree for it's shade, but hate the pine needles and pine cones that fall from it and disturb our yard. I looked out our front window today in just enough time to see Todd walking to the front door and two men I did not recognize get out of a truck. Todd walked in the house and announced that he agreed to let the two strangers outside cut down our tree. I'll I said was, "I'll go get the camera." They first cut off the huge branch that was pretty much like a small tree. I was inside the house holding Canon sitting at the window to get a good view of the action. Todd was outside with the camera. Once I saw where the guy was making his first cut with the chainsaw I started to get nervous. It didn't seem like he was cutting the branch in the right place to make it fall into our yard. I had a feeling the branch would fall towards the house right where Canon and I were sitting. So, I got up on my feet from my sitting position and started to walk backwards while watching the guy make his second but. Sure enough, my feeling was correct. The branch came crashing down right infront of the window I was previously sitting at with Canon. (I had ran safely to the dining room once I saw the branch start to fall). Luckily, the branch just nicked the gutter and no damage was done. It did make Todd and I a little nervous for them to cut down the rest of tree. Todd made the guy reassure that the tree will not fall that close to our house. So, as you can see, our tree is gone and I love it.

The first branch almost hitting the house
Another view of first branch hitting house.
Right before the tree came down
Barely a stump left.


Patrick and Paige said...

I can't believe you cut down that tree. I liked that tree. You need a picture of what your house looks like without the tree from the other side of the street.

HeatherH said...

Yeah for curb appeal! Troy's risked his life cutting down several trees in our yard and still has one to go and many stumps to remove. Our neighbor shakes his head and tells us how sad the previous owners would be if they knew. Oh well, at least we're happy! :)

Jessica said...

That was an exciting event!

melina said...

era un hermoso árbol...kiero uno asi de grande para mi casa!!!