Friday, February 27, 2009

The Smirk!

Canon is so cute when he smiles and makes his cooing sounds. I love this stage when you can tell they recognize who you are and they acknowledge it with a smile and cute noise. Our little Canon doesn't always make a full smile so we end up with a smirk, which I think it just as cute! We tried to get it on camera but we were not that successful at it. These two pictures shows a small smirk. Just imagine it a bit bigger!


Patrick and Paige said...

SO CUTE!!! I am so excited to see a FULL SMILE!!! I know it is coming soon...Can't Wait!!!!

mle said...

I love the smirk! I wish we could of hung out more after Brooklyns baptism-but thanks so much for coming. I love the new pic's of the boys, my fav is Everson helping with tummy time-too precious. And Canon is such a chunck-you have got some good stuff going on there!

chiara said...

Oh my gosh...when did he grow up? Tell him to STOP IT!! I swear he was just born a few weeks ago!! Your boys are so darling...I need to come up and love them!