Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Havimg fun

Okay, so I might have had a little too much fun taking pictures of Canon sleeping. He just looked so cute and peaceful, I couldn't help myself. You would think I could have spent that time cleaning my kitchen, but that wouldn't have been nearly as fun.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am definitely not a foot person. In fact, I hate most feet. But, baby feet are too cute to hate. I don't get to see Canon's feet very much since I have him in sleepers or socks most of the time since it is winter. So during a diaper change while his feet were bare, I decided to capture the precious moment and snap a picture of Canon's feet.

Juice Man

Everson loves making juice. He thinks it is so fun to use the juicer all by himself, which you cannot tell from the expression on his face. This expression is probably due to the fact that he had a cold and was all stuffed up this day. Not only does he like making the juice, but he also loves drinking it. This love of juicing was discovered at Todd's mom's house.

Nursery, Brian and Sharing!

This was the crown Everson got in Nursery at church. He absolutley hated it when they tried measuring his head for the size, and wanted nothing to do with it after that. The next day, he wanted to wear the crown all the time. It is now almost torn apart from him taking it on and off. Everson sure loved having Brian in town. Brian was Everson's favorite person to play with. He trumped Dad and Mom. Everson calls Brian, Bri Bri. They were so cute together. That is Everson's hand while he is trying to share is crayon with Canon. As you can see Canon is asleep, but that doesn't stop Everson from sharing his crayons or toys with him.

The boys!

Daddy and his boys!
Everson sure does love his little brother! He is so cute with Canon.


Everson has no idea who spiderman is, but he does enjoy pretending he is Spidey! He will even shoot his web at you.

Most of the time this is how he wears the mask.
He got tired of shooting his web and decided to go "nite, nite" with the mask.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cute Pictures!

I can't believe the differences between Everson and Canon. Will they look like brothers?

A little cross eyed, but still so cute!
I love feet pictures.

First meeting!

Grandpa & Lola meeting Canon for the first time.
Canon, meet Aunt Michelle. Aunt Michelle, meet Canon.

Canon and Uncle Scott!
Canon found his thumb.