Thursday, August 12, 2010

First ER visit

Canon woke up with a really bad sounding cough at 12am. Right away we knew it was croup because of how bad he sounded and how he was wheezing every time he tried to breathe. We took him outside on our deck into the fresh air which helped him breathe a little easier. He would fall asleep for a little bit then cough and wake himself up crying. It was so sad to see him so miserable. After about an hour being out on the deck, he was still wheezing with each breath so we decided to take him into the ER for the first time. Todd's parents were so nice to come over and stay at the house with Everson so Todd and I could go to the hospital. At the hospital they gave Canon some medicine with steroids to reduce the inflammation of his airway and did a breathing treatment. We finally got home just before 3am and to bed we all went. Just four hours of sleep for me and Todd. Needless to say we were both pretty beat the whole day. Everson had no clue we even left and Canon slept until 9:30am. Canon is doing better today. His cough sounds like a "normal" cough and no more straining to breathe. He is still pretty fussy for most of the day, but I can't blame the poor guy.

PS(On our way out the door for the ER I was about to grab my camera to document the event, but decided against it. I thought the doctors and nurses would have thought I was crazy. I kind of regret not snapping one picture with my camera phone.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today was Everson and Canon's first time boating. At first, like we thought, Everson did not want to even get on the boat, but once we got going he had so much fun. The weather wasn't too hot which made just sitting in the boat very enjoyable. We had a great time! Thanks again Greg and Tracy.

Chilin' on the boat

All the wakeboarders getting some serious air.
Keegan, Brooklyn, Travis and Todd all did a great job wakeboarding.

Greg did an awesome job giving the tubers a run for their money. They were no match against his driving. I couldn't believe how much air the three person tube got.
I love the faces of Keegan, McKayla and Todd in the three person tube. Terrified is what I get from those expressions. Then there is Travis holding on for dear life on the single tube.
Poor Keegan got clobbered by the big tube, but was able to hold on while the other three wiped out.
Keegan, Everson and Todd just before Everson's second tubing ride.
Our first tubing experience as a family. Everson and Canon were a little nervous at first, but warmed up and had so much fun!