Friday, April 16, 2010

More Trampoline Fun!

What can we say. We love our trampoline!

After coming in from jumping on the trampoline, Everson laid down and pretended he was asleep. I wish! A while ago he decided that he didn't need to take a nap anymore. We tried to prove him wrong, but he is now a NO NAPPER! Oh how my days have changed. Everson gets mad very easily between the hours of 1-3pm (his usual nap time). I have to admit I LOVED when both boys napped, but it is so cute to see how excited Everson gets when he hears that Canon is awake. Sometimes out of the blue he'll tell me he hears Canon and we should go get him, so I will listen and nope, Canon isn't making a peep. Everson then proceeds to tell me that he wants him to wake up so they can play!


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