Friday, April 23, 2010


We went and saw Cirque du Soleil's Kooza today and it was awesome! Everson watched in amazement and confusion. He didn't know what to expect and what exactly was going on. One thing he did know was that he did NOT like how loud the music was. We fixed that by covering his ears when it got too loud. Everson seemed a little more interested in the second half of the show. Maybe because now he understood a little bit more of what to expect. He pointed to things, asked questions, clapped and was in awe of the of the things he was seeing. It was so cute seeing his little eyes race from one part of the stage to the next trying to take it all in. At the very end when all the performers came on stage, Everson didn't stop waving at them and clapping for them. We couldn't have asked for him to have behaved any better. He was great!

He was very excited that he got his very own ticket. Of course Buzz Lightyear joined us in the fun (see Everson's left hand).
We didn't think Canon would enjoy the show so we left him own in the hands of Aunt Carin and cousin Kyrie. He had so much fun and didn't even care we were gone. I was expecting a big smile or him to run to me when we got home, but all I got was a look over his shoulder than back to eating he went. Usually he is a Mama's boy, but sometimes he is far from one.

Kyrie and Canon sitting on the couch drinking milk right after Canon got up from his nap. He is not always the happiest little guy when he wakes up but he is still so cute. Proof in below pictures!


Chiara said...

How fun! What nice parents you are!

ge said...

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