Sunday, April 4, 2010


Todd was again swamped with work this weekend, so he was not able to go down to my parents house with the rest of us. Every year the High School I graduated from puts on an Alumni Basketball Tournament. If you graduated from the high school you could play. There are guys as young was 18 and as old as 60+ playing. People fly into town just for the tournament. It's like a big reunion every year. Anyway, I get to see people I haven't seen in a while. So I made the bad choice and decided to not take my camera so I have only a few pictures that I got from my sister in-law. Thank you!

The boys were so good and sat and watched the games. Everson especially loved that he could sit on the bench with Aunt Shel when she wasn't playing. He was obsessed by her bare shoulders and kept feeling up and down her arm. It was the funniest and kind of weird thing.

We had an Easter Egg hunt inside the house due to the pouring down rain. The boys had a great time. Everson new that there was candy in the eggs so he was very excited. Canon was just excited to pick them up and put them in his basket.
Another great weekend in my home town! Sometimes I really miss living in a small town and on the beach!


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