Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Wet!

It had rained earlier today but after dinner when Todd and I were trying to clean up we sent the boys out back to play since the sun had come out and it had warmed up a little. After quite a while, Everson runs in the house really excited about something he had just done. We asked him what he and Canon had been doing and he told us that he put water on Canon's head. We thought nothing of it until in runs Canon with his entire head wet and half his shirt wet. Both boys ran back outside and Todd and I followed them curious how Canon had gotten so wet. Luckily Everson was still so excited about the whole thing that he showed us exactly what they had been doing.

Everson had been using the rain water that puddled at the bottom of the basketball hoop, dipping his hands in it and then putting them on Canon's head. Let me tell you, it didn't look like the cleanest water, but it was keeping the boys happy and entertained so Todd and I let them continue to do it. Thank goodness Canon is so easy going that he just let his brother get him all wet.
To our surprise, Everson wasn't the only one that was getting Canon all wet!


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