Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yard Work

We again were blessed with another sunny day so out of the house we went. It was still a little bit chilly, but we can't complain. Our family went out into the yard to pull some weeds and replant some daffodil bulbs. Everson and Canon thought it was the coolest thing that they each got their own shovel. Canon dug right into the dirt and got completely messy, while Everson made sure that only thing that touched the dirt was his shovel. Everson's goal was to find worms, which he was successful.

Hard workers!
This little boy loved being in the dirt.
Should I try and eat this twig?
Oh yes!
Canon made sure he tasted everything. He licked his dirty shovel, sucked on a twig, ate some grass and even took a mouthful of dirt. The mouthful of dirt he did not like one bit.
They both were so happy the whole time and they were sad to have to go inside for lunch!
We couldn't have asked for cuter helpers!


Arya said...

love seeing your kids, they are getting so your new blog layout!

Jessica said...

That adorable dirt-eater is hilarious. :)

Diane said...

Your boys are so cute! :) Great pictures.