Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a MIRACLE!!

Everson has been doing great with his potty training. He goes pee pee without a problem in his potty and wears big boy pants all day. The problem was getting him to go numero dos! Well today was our lucky day! He has gone poo poo three times today in his potty. After celebrating with dancing, singing, high fives, and clapping, we asked him what he wanted as a reward for going poo poo, he said, "an Elmo and Cookie Monster party." So that is what we had to celebrate this wonderful occasion that we thought was never going to happen. Thank you Everson for being a big boy and saving us from changing anymore of your yucky poopy diapers!

I made this pictures black and white so it wouldn't be too gross to look at. Thanks Chiara for the idea.
The Elmo and Cookie Monster cakes that were requested by Poo Poo in the Potty Boy Everson!
The proud potty trained boy! Let's hope it is smooth sailing from here.


Chiara said...

Yah Hoo EVERSON! What a big boy you are! And Yah Hoo MOM! What sweet cakes you made! XOXO to you all!

doug and becky said...

haha. i totally love the proud look on his face for that first pic. priceless. totally worth a party.

Dad said...


It's fun to see your cute family. I hope you are doing well. We miss having you around our house. Take care.

Gordy Haycock

tracy said...

Ewww! Nice picture Jen! However, it is an exciting moment for all of you! Darling cakes!!!

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