Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Movie Night

We try and have family movie night once a month. Both boys enjoy it but still do not sit through the entire movie. Instead of watching a movie tonight we watched a few new Wonder Pets episodes. Wonder Pets is one of Everson's favorite shows.....we wish it wasn't. Anyway, tonight while watching the show Canon decided he wanted to sit by his big brother on their Sesame Street couch so he walked on over there and plopped down. Todd and I watched the boys instead of the show because they were so cute sitting there together.

Canon thought he was pretty cool sitting in his big brothers chair all by himself.
Canon was very excited that Everson let him sit next to him and share the blanket.
Oreo cookies for movie snack!

These are the faces they usually make when watching a show/movie. Canon loves to hold one of Todd's Xbox controllers while watching. He thinks he is playing a game.


HeatherH said...

Those TV faces are priceless! Transfixed!