Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy Weekend!

So this morning after breakfast Todd comes upstairs and says something along the lines of, if you wanted to take the boys and go down to your parents this weekend, I would be okay with that.

Translation: I have so much work to do this weekend that it would be better if you take the boys down to your parents house so I can work all day on Saturday and not feel guilty for not spending time with you and the boys.

I called my parents, got me and the boys packed, got the van loaded up, took care of my church Primary responsibilities and was on the road. I was a little nervous for the three hour drive by myself with a newly potty trained boy to worry about. Thank goodness the boys did great. We only made one stop on the way down. First thing Everson wanted to do when we first arrived at their house was play air hockey. So Lola and Everson played for a while. He also challenged Grandpa to some air hockey. I wish I would have taken some pictures or video of him playing. Maybe next time. Canon enjoyed sitting on their pool table taking the pool balls in and out of the pockets. He got pretty good and rolling the balls into the pockets instead of just dropping them in.
We watched movies, ate yummy food, played, slept, and of course went to the aquarium. Canon actually seemed interested in some of the exhibits. Everson didn't care about anything except the sharks. So that is where we spent the majority of our time.

On the drive home we had about one more hour when Everson told me he needed to go pee. So I took the next exit and really did not feel like taking both boys out of their car seats to go inside some gas station germ infested bathroom. Instead I saw a hotel that had two cars in it's parking lot. I went to the farthest parking spot from the building, got Everson out of the car, stood him in the grass, pulled down his pants and told him to pee. He looked at me with confusion because he had never peed outside before. I told him to pee on the grass. Still, a confused look on his face so I threw a red leaf out in front of him and told him to pee on the red leaf. The confused look went away and happiness upon him to which he said, "animals pee outside." " Yes they do!" I confirmed with a little bit of a giggle. He peed on the leaf like a pro and was so proud of himself. Again I should have pulled out my camera to take a picture of this moment, but I was really tired of driving and wanted to get back on the road. Everson told me that he wanted to pee outside when we got home.
We had a lot of fun and Todd was able to get the work done that he needed.


Shirley and Christopher said...

How fun!
Just be careful, now that he knows he can pee outside. My nephew once dropped his pants unexpectedly in public when we were visiting the This is the Place Monument. Luckily we were out on the grass away from other tourists! :)