Friday, October 2, 2009

Videos videos videos

So, we are actually pretty good at remembering to take videos of the boys, but I am not good at getting them off the camera and onto the blog. To make for the lack of videos on our blog, here is a post just of videos. Enjoy!

Canon enjoying a little corn on the cob.

Everson and Canon having fun in the bath. They love taking baths together.

Everson loves the show Bear in the Big Blue House. In one of the episodes he watches the mouse in the house, Tutter, kicks a soccer ball and then says, "Oh yeah, who's the mouse, who's the mouse," while he flexes his muscles. That is what Everson is doing and saying in the video below incase you cannot understand him.

Canon is not exactly on the same track as Everson was as a baby. He has not crawled yet and doesn't seem to me interested in doing so. What he loves to do is make you hold his hands while he walks around the room. It get very tiring. While our friends, John and Amanda, were over the other night, Canon took a few steps on his own. I'm certain it was luck since he has not done it since, but it was very exciting nonetheless. You be the judge. Will he walk before he crawls?

PS( I love the end of the clip where John comments about Canon's cottage cheese thighs, which makes Canon cry, but Amanda is there to comfort him when she explains she likes cottage cheese and actually just bought some!)


Patrick and Paige said...

Those videos are awesome! I love the one of Canon Walking. I don't think he meant to do it which is why it is so funny.