Monday, October 19, 2009

Oreos and Pepsi?

Everson loves Oreo's and use to eat the entire Oreo until he figured out he could scrape out the white part of the Oreo with his teeth. He then leaves the cookie part on his plate and asks for another Oreo. Today, Everson left the cookie part of the Oreo on his plate which was on the floor. As I was cleaning the kitchen with Everson by the fridge playing with magnets and Canon in the living, at least I thought he was in the living room, I turned to go pick up Everson's plate with the Oreo on it, but saw that someone had beaten me to it. Canon had already gotten to it and was happily nibbling at the new crunchy yummy goodness he had discovered. Being the good Mom that I am, instead of making sure he wasn't going to choke I run downstairs to grab the camera. I am still getting use to him being able to crawl. Note to self, do not leave anything on the floor that I do not want Canon to eat.

He then decided to wash the Oreo down with some Pepsi, luckily the bottle was already empty.


Teresa Jane said...

He has the cutest little face! He and Paisley would make a cute couple!