Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night, Saturday night, we went over to a friends house, had dinner and played an endless amount of games. There were so many kids and fun things to do that Everson would not eat his dinner. Little did we know that he ended up chowing down on Doritos throughout the night. Right before we were getting ready to leave the fun party, Everson barfed all over their kitchen floor. It smelled exactly like Doritos. Yuck! This was the very first time he has ever barfed so he had no idea what was going on. After the clean up, we went home and put him in bed. A couple hours later (1am), he barfed in bed. Another clean up duty and then back in bed. A few more hours later (4am), more barfing in bed. Todd and I were not enjoying this. Everson didn't seem to mind all that much, except for it any of the throw up got on him, then he had a problem. Back in bed he went after another clean up and we made it until morning. We of course stayed home from church and Everson seemed to be feeling just fine. He was his usual self, full of energy. Just being safe, we asked Everson to try and puke in a bowl if he needed to again. He thought it was so fun to carry the bowl around and tell us he was going to barf and then just sit there and smile with the bowl under his chin. 10 am rolls around and we think we are in the clear of barf. Everson was playing just fine and all of a sudden he goes over to his table where he had left his bowl. As he is about to pick up his bowl, Canon distracts him and instead of making it in the bowl he throws up on the carpet. We do give him props for trying to use the bowl. He is such a sweetheart and asked me if he could help me clean up his barf. I told him it was okay and he should just sit on the floor and relax.

So happy to have his bowl.
Showing us how he would barf in it when the time comes.


Chiara said...

hahah - the novelty of puking in a bowl. I love it! Cute kid!

Patrick and Paige said...

did he throw up Doritos the entire time??? YUCK!!! poor little guy. At least he is still smiling:)