Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

My family was in town to celebrate my brother Chad's birthday. We went shopping and of course ate some yummy food made by Mom and Dad.

After going to the baby consignment sale today we came home to a lake in front of our house. Todd and my sister, Michelle, saved the day by raking the leaves off of the drain. Michelle even took off her shoes since the water was too deep to step in with shoes without getting soaked.
My niece, Kyrie, found it so much fun to shove a whole little person into her mouth and crawl around with it. We were all amazed her mouth was big enough.

Uncle Scott playing with Kyrie
Sister King, my Mom's best friend, who has always been a second Mom to me had a fun time playing peek-a-boo with Everson. We loved having her visit with my parents.
My brother Chad, the birthday boy! Ribs, noodles, fruit, corn and cake, you can't beat that as your birthday meal. My Aunt Margie made the yummy cake from scratch.
Todd put on a show for Everson to watch on our laptop. Canon and Kyrie were more interested in the show than Everson. We could not get them to look away. TV junkies!