Thursday, February 26, 2009

SNOW! More Tummy Time! Fort! Cereal!

Believe or not but we got snow again here in Portland. Everson's favorite part is to eat it. Todd went out and scooped up a cup full of snow for Everson and sure enough, he ate every last bit of it.
Everson giving Canon a kiss for being good during Tummy Time!
Everson helping out with Tummy Time again. I love how they are both looking at each other.
Got tired of holding his head up so he decided to suck on his hand.
Everson has always thought playing in his fort was a lot of fun. Now playing on it is fun too!
I asked him if he could grab both of his feet at the same time. He replied enthusiastically, "YAH," then proceeded to do so.
Just hanging around.
While I was cooking dinner. Everson decided to get all the open boxes of cereal out of our cupboard so he could have a little sample of each kind. He then decided to take anything and everything out of the cupboard that he thought was really cool. Each time he would pull something out of the cupboard he would say "WHOOOOOA!" and then come show it to me where he waited for an enthusiastic response like," COOL! or WOW!"


Jeremy and Kristin said...

great pics. sorry we couldn't chat at the baptism, our kids were not having it. I didn't get my Canon fix. Next time I guess ;)

Ashley said...

the cereal picture is classic. Let's just hope he doesn't start dumping them out...