Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Everson has discovered the world of "sauces." In other words, things to dip any and all foods in. When eating a grilled cheese sandwich, Everson asked for the red sauce, which means ketchup. So I gave him a squirt of ketchup on his tray thinking he would change his mind after the first bite. Boy was I wrong. He loved it. GROSS! It didn't stop there. He then proceeded to ask for the orange sauce, maple syrup. Don't ask me why he calls it the orange sauce, I have no idea. Everson decided that his grilled cheese sandwich tasted better dipped in both the ketchup and the syrup. As long as he ate his sandwich I was happy. He can dip it in whatever he wants.


HeatherH said...

Brian went through that and still does it! He dips everything in his milk and juice because, funny thing, he doesn't like the normal dipping things like ketchup and ranch dressing. Such a funny kid! Love all the pictures, by the way!

Patrick and Paige said...

I cannot eat my grilled cheese sandwich without ketchup. I have been dipping my grilled cheese in ketchup for as long as I can remember. As for the syrup. THAT IS JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!!