Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah Snow!

We finally got a chance to play out in the snow without worrying about the wind and freezing to death. This time Everson was very excited to go outside. Once again, all Everson was interested in was eating the snow and occasionally throwing a snowball. Having Todd work from home is so great. He was able to take a break to play outside with us. Everson has been very spoiled with Daddy time, which is great! We wouldn't want it any other way.

Everson and Todd attempting to build a snowman. It turned out to be a snow mound.

Getting ready to throw his snowball at me!

He decided this big snowball would be easier to eat straight off the ground rather than try and pick it up.
So proud that he was able to pick it up.


Patrick and Paige said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures. I love the one where his face is close up and he is eating the snowball. You are a great photographer. and in reply to your wondering. WE ARE THE FAVORITE AUNT AND UNCLE!!!!

mle said...

So much fun. I should give Eli a taste of snow and see if he would enjoy it more. I too love the close up of Everson eating snow. Good job Jen!