Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our new niece!

We had a cute little addition to our extended family. My brother Chad and his wife Carin had a little girl, Kyrie Lynn Thueson, on Dec. 19th. She was 6lbs. 9oz, 19inches long and born at 8:34pm. As you can she is has so tiny with dark brown hair and grayish eyes. We were so glad that we were able to make the drive to the hospital to see her. Congratulations Chad and Carin!

Even though it woke her up and made her whine a little bit, I had to unwrap her to see her cute tiny body.

Mommmy and Baby Kyrie!

Proud Pappa!


Dan, Shauna, Noah & Zoe said...

Thanks for posting. I was wondering if they had their baby yet. How exciting your mom got a grandaughter. How are you feeling?

Cooper Family said...

My Mom is so excited, but they have not been able to make it up here due to the snow. Hopefully they will make it up this weekend to meet their new granddaughter. I am feeling like this baby is going to be coming early. I don't think there is anymore room for him to grow. I am feeling a little bit crowded. Other than that, I feel great!

Patrick and Paige said...

She is so cute. I love the first picture. Congratulations.