Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Everson did not want to wear his jacket or gloves or hat. We kept telling him "Yea, snow!" He would reply with "No, snow." After we got him all dressed up and let him eat the snow, he loved it. It is too bad that the wind has been so strong and crazy so we haven't been able to enjoy the snow as much as we would like.


Patrick and Paige said...

Just let the kid catch a cold why don't cha!!! ha ha. I love the picture of him looking at the camera. I love his expression. I wish we could come and go sledding with you guys. Our street is like a skating rink. love ya and miss you so much

HeatherH said...

That's great that you got snow for Christmas! (we only got an ice storm . . .) Everson is so cute!