Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today was Everson's first time in nusery at church. He was suppose to go in last week, but with the weather and church being cancelled, that didn't happen. Todd took him in, introduced him to one of the teachers and left. He was happy for the first 15 minutes or so, then got a little anxious and started looking around for Dad. So Todd stepped in the room and stayed in there until I came to relieve him the last hour. I had to stay in there the whole time with Everson and he asked for his Daddy throughout the hour. It probably didn't help that he woke up two hours before his usual time in the morning. He was so tired the last hour and just wanted his Dad and to go home. Our church time changes to 9am starting next week. We are hoping next week goes a little better since it doesn't run over his nap time. Wish us luck!
If anyone has any tips on how to make this transition into nursery, please share!


Chiara said...

Here is my tip: Just stop going to is way easier!! ;)-

All my boys had very hard transitions and I dealt with them all differently. I could actually reason with Mason at that age....tell him I was going to go to my class for a few minutes and then come check on him...and he'd be fine and let me go. I'd leave for short periods of time and then come back for a few minutes....just lengthening the time inbetween "visits" until he was fine the whole time. Madden was a whole different story. You couldn't (and still can't) reason with the child. So I just had to let him cry it out....for months...which was torture for everyone involved, but it eventually worked. I've decided to not send Macks to nursery until later next year. It is too hard when Bill isn't at church with us...and there are over 25 kids in his class and it is too overwhelming for him. AND everyone in the class is always sick and I hate having sick for now he sits quietly on my lap while I teach and go to R.S. I can't complain too much! Good luck!!

HeatherH said...

I have no advice for you; we just drop them and run! ;)