Saturday, July 6, 2013

She thinks my tractors sexy

Clearing out our backyard for our new patio/basektball court/ firepit area/bike riding area!!  Who knew a tractor would be so fun to drive?  Todd and his brother, that's who!  They were like giddy little kids Christmas morning!  You could see the joy on their faces when they got a really big scoop of dirt!  They wanted to share this pure joy that they felt, so Cody, Greg and even Canon got a turn on the machine!  While the boys were having fun with the tractor, us ladies built the retaining wall with our bare hands!!  (sorry no pictures of us)  We are now one step closer to a new patio!!  Yay!

We really do appreciate everyone that came over to help us excavate our backyard!
We'd also like to give a shout out to Scott for hooking up our new to us washing machine!  (again, sorry no pictures of that)