Friday, July 5, 2013

Pacific City

A perfect day at the beach!  If you haven't been to the beach a Pacific City you need to go!  We hiked a huge sand dune, skin boarded, roasted hot dogs, played some football, built a huge sand castle, sumo wrestled and relaxed. least that is what everyone else did.  I managed to sprain or dislocate Bridgers' wrist as we ran down the sand dune.  So, he was crying for about an hour curled up in my lap holding his wrist saying, "owie, hurt."  I probably cried just as long since I felt horrible for being the cause of his pain.  Luckily we had brought some children's ibuprofen which he happily drank, then he fell asleep.  Too bad I couldn't fall asleep, I sat there worrying about what he will be like when he wakes up, how bad I really hurt him and there was a prayer constantly being said in my head. I held him sitting in a camping chair for a good two hours.  Thank goodness when he woke up he ate a couple red vines and chips which got him in a good mood and he was ready to climb the sand dune and play again and he didn't complain about his wrist once.  The day ended with everyone going back to Todd's parents house and eating ice cream, which if you know me at all you would know I would not miss that.  But sadly, I had a really bad stress headache so I curled up on the couch completely covered with a blanket while everyone else enjoyed the delicious ice cream!    Even though I was stressed and felt like the worst Mom in the world, I still enjoyed the day!