Friday, July 26, 2013

Idaho Coopers part 1

We decided on Tuesday that the coming weekend would be a good time to visit Todd's brother's family in Idaho.  So we packed things up and off we went on Thursday!  The road trip didn't start off too well.  It took us an hour and ten minutes to reach downtown, which usually it would take ten minutes.  Todd was fed up with the traffic and was ready to turn the car around if I agreed that is what we should do.  We decided to stick it out.  So, an hour and forty-five minutes into our trip we had only traveled about thirty miles.  That put a damper on our arrival time.  The boys did great in the car.  They got a little cranky near the end, but who wouldn't being strapped into a car seat for eight hours.  We finally arrived at Hotel de Cooper at 1am!

The next day we headed to Settlers park where we played at the playground and splash pad.  It was a really cute park.  The boys had fun!

Next we decided to take a little swim at their neighborhood pool!

We went home ate some yummy tacos (thanks Kendra) then head over to the pond that they stock full of fish for the boys' first time fishing!  They were really excited, but after a couple minutes of standing there holding a fishing pole, Everson declared, "fishing is boring!"  Sadly nobody caught a fish or even got a bite on their line.

From the pond we walked back over to the park where it was movie night!  We enjoyed the cute movie, Wreck It Ralph.
 The boys were definitely ready for bed and they slept very well!