Saturday, July 31, 2010


Canon had his first big accident today. He was riding his car on the deck when he drove it off the edge down onto the step, flipped over the handlebars, and landed on his back in the grass. Apparently his head slowed him down by hitting the step. Ouch! Canon is a tough little guy. He cried for just a little bit and then was back to playing and wanted to jump on the trampoline. Two of my boys (Canon & Todd) both have had their skin ripped off somewhere on their bodies recently. I guess that just leaves Everson. Hopefully Everson will be the only boy unscathed.


MaryAnne and Chase Heap said...

ooh, ouch oh cannon!! what a trooper :)

joven said...

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HeatherH said...

Goodness - he's growing out of his baby look!