Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our improved deck

Today was the day Todd was going to tackle the work on our deck. Luckily while he was outside working on it, our friend, Blair, ran by and said after his run he would come back and help. THANK YOU BLAIR!! What Todd thought was going to be a two hour project ended up to be a couple hours more. As Blair and Todd slaved away, I was kind enough to be out there to supervise and enjoy the unconventional way they put everything together. It was very amusing. They got the job done and that's all that matters. We liked our deck before, but now we like it even more.

What do you think? Not bad huh!


Chiara said...

Why does the thought of watching Blair and Todd build a deck make me laugh so hard?!?! Wish I was there to witness the fun! I miss you guys!! XOXOX