Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today was Everson and Canon's first time boating. At first, like we thought, Everson did not want to even get on the boat, but once we got going he had so much fun. The weather wasn't too hot which made just sitting in the boat very enjoyable. We had a great time! Thanks again Greg and Tracy.

Chilin' on the boat

All the wakeboarders getting some serious air.
Keegan, Brooklyn, Travis and Todd all did a great job wakeboarding.

Greg did an awesome job giving the tubers a run for their money. They were no match against his driving. I couldn't believe how much air the three person tube got.
I love the faces of Keegan, McKayla and Todd in the three person tube. Terrified is what I get from those expressions. Then there is Travis holding on for dear life on the single tube.
Poor Keegan got clobbered by the big tube, but was able to hold on while the other three wiped out.
Keegan, Everson and Todd just before Everson's second tubing ride.
Our first tubing experience as a family. Everson and Canon were a little nervous at first, but warmed up and had so much fun!


tracy said...

Yeah! What fun we had!
I can't wait to see all of the pictures. I almost stopped by today to look at them....maybe tomorrow. Maybe you could burn them to my flash drive. There are some good ones. Thanks for coming with us - it was great to have you all.