Sunday, August 23, 2009


We had a fun weekend down at my parents. It is always nice to go back home! All the kids (my sister and husband, my little bro, my older bro, his wife and baby girl) were home, so we had a full house, but it was fun! Todd and our brother in-law Scott, went out crabbing and caught their limit of 12 crabs each. Yummy! Lots of my Mom's good cooking and hanging out as a family is always fun.

Canon and Grandpa relaxing on the couch.
Canon and his cousin Kyrie both really wanted Canon's gas relief bottle. Out of all the toys they fight over a medicine bottle.
It wouldn't be a Waldport trip without fun pictures on the beach!

Me and my son that looks like he could acutally be mine, not like Everson.
I had my sister take our picture so we can finally have one of the four of us. Our new family picture!


Chiara said...

That is such a CUTE family picture. I just can't get over how you have 1 little Todd and 1 little Jen. I love it!!

Patrick and Paige said...


Teresa Jane said...

How are you always so SKINNY? You guys are so cute