Saturday, August 15, 2009


Todd found a potato bug on our deck and asked Everson if he wanted to hold it. "Yeah," Everson confidently replied. So Todd went in for the hand off. Usually the hand off is the point where Everson changes his mind, but today was different. He welcomed the bug onto his little hand held and was very curious about it. A little while later Todd found a worm in the dirt but this time Everson just wanted to admire this little creation on his Daddy's hand.

The potato bug hand off.
So proud he is holding a bug.
Acting like he is going to eat the poor bug. He would never do it, he is just a big tease.
Looking at the worm at a safe distance.


Scott and Lindsey said...
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Scott and Lindsey said...

i love the picture. He needs to come and hang out with my boys and he will return with bugs coming out of his pockets.