Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I was making dinner today I all of a sudden noticed Everson was not being his loud self so I did not know where he was. Usually when this silence occurs he is getting into something he shouldn't be getting into, or he is in some corner pooping (in his diaper of course). Just a few seconds after deciding to go find him I hear a cute little voice say,"hi!" which sounded like it came from the front door which was propped wide open. After taking a few steps across the kitchen floor to look down our entryway, the below picture is what I saw. Everson was sitting in our front doorway saying "hi" to anyone that walked by the house. When the occasional break in walker byers came, he decided to fill the silence with singing. He sang very quietly, while he sat there swinging his feet waiting for the next person to come by so he could say hi to them. I could not figure out what he was singing until I got closer. As I crepped closer to him I could hear his sweet little voice singing the ABC's. Once he heard my footsteps, he jumped up and became loud Everson again. Oh how I wish I could have gotten it on video.


TLDGTL said...

OK. I'm all melty inside. Sweetness!!!!

Patrick and Paige said...

that is so sweet.

HeatherH said...

At least you got a picture! :)