Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pool Fun!

We had such a great time at the pool today. The water was the perfect temperature and the weather was nice and warm. Thanks to Aunt Michelle for the cool swim trunks and rash guards for the boys. They were stylin'! Everson was a little hesitant at first to get in the pool, but ended up loving it. Canon loved it from the start. More pool days to come!

One of Everson's favorite things to do was throw the ball and then swim to it, with Dad's help of course.
Everson learning to kick his legs.
Another one of Everson's favorite things to do was jump off the edge of the pool to Aunt Tracy.
Canon liked to get thrown in the air.
Canon also liked to kick his legs. He had so much fun.


Ok, so I might be going a little overboard with the whole posting videos thing. I think it is so fun and I know family members that live far away that don't get to see us very often or ever enjoy watching them. My Dad and Mom are so good about getting their video camera out whenever we visit them or whenever they visit us. I wish I would remember to use our video camera more often. I love the "Jaws" sound effects on this video. Everson would do this all day if I had the energy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canon's first try at food!

To me it seemed like he hated every second of eating rice cereal. What do you think?

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning

Jumping high on the trampoline
It was hilarious to watch Aunt Shel make Everson so dizzy he couldn't even stand up, not even with help. You'll see what I am talking about.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Candles at Birthday Party!

Here is Everson blowing out the candles at his birthday party!

Birthday Party!

Today was Everson's birthday party. I had asked him a couple weeks ago what kind of birthday party he wanted and he said Elmo, so that is what the theme was. He wore his Elmo shirt and we made Elmo cupcakes and cake. Thank you to my sister, Michelle for helping me with the cake and cupcakes. We had family over for cake and ice cream. Everson decided he didn't want to take a nap earlier in the day so I was just waiting for a break down to happen in the middle of his party which luckily did not happen luckily. We had a great time with everyone. Everson got some good loot which he cannot stop playing with. Thank you to everyone for a fun evening.

Blowing out the the candle. It took him a few tries, but once Todd got him close enough to the candle he was able to blow it out.

The birthday boy in a birthday hat. Everson asked for birthday hats for his party, but then he didn't want to wear one.
Canon, showing his birthday spirit for his brother.
Lola, Mema and Everson.
Grandpa and Everson
Deda and Everson

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blowing out candles!

Everson blowing out candles on his actual birthday! I love his cute little face while we sang to him and how he mouthed some of the words to the song.

Happy 2nd Birthday Everson!

Even though we are going to have his birthday party on Saturday, we thought he should still open a couple presents on his actual birthday.

Mema and Deda got him his own camera since he loves to try and use their cameras to take pictures.
Todd asked Everson what he would like to eat for his birthday dinner. I thought it would be a no brainer and he would say Mac n' Cheese. To our surprise he said, "Steak." So that is what he got. Steak, rice, edamame, and mango.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kaylee and Everson

We were so happy that Steve, Leslie and Kaylee Hunt were in town and were able to take time out of their busy schedule to come visit us. Everson and Kaylee had so much fun playing with and next to each other.

Kaylee playing with Canon.
Having fun on our slide.
Taking an ice cream cone break.
Playing ring around the rosies.
Everson giving Kaylee a kiss!
Everson absolutely loved Leslie. They are best buds.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Todd shoveled 10 yards of dirt with help from a 17 year old young man from our ward to level out our yard. It was a lot of work, but they got it done in under 3 hours. I kicked myself when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of them shoveling away.
While they were hard at work, Everson and I thought it would be nice to surprise them with some yummy brownies. They were very grateful and so was Everson since I let him lick the spatula, whisk and bowl.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Watching Basketball

After we had our Sunday naps after church, we sat down to watch the Lakers vs Magic game. We are all very sad that Orlando did not win. BOOOOOO Lakers!

Canon really enjoyed the game. He couldn't keep his eyes off the T.V.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This morning when we woke up I heard a crackle sound every so often and couldn't figure out what it was. It kind of sounded like tree branches hitting a window, but we don't have any trees that close to the house so it obviously wasn't that. I got up and started to investigate. First looking out our bedroom window, nothing unusual that I could see. Then I went downstairs into the kitchen to look out our sliding glass door, nothing there. So then I ventured downstairs. Right as I turned the corner into the room, I saw one of our windows down stairs was just shattered and hanging there with a big hole in the middle. I ran straight upstairs to tell Todd what I had found. The window is double paned, but only the outside pane was broken. It looked like a rock or some object was thrown at the window, but there was no rock that stood out near the window. So there you have it, a mystery as to what broke our widow. Any ideas?

A view of the window from outside.
A view of the window from inside.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today we had Zach and Emily over today for a playdate. The boys got along great and seemed to have a lot of fun! Getting out of the house or having people over is a must to change things up for Everson. Zach and Everson had so much fun shooting baskets, going down and up the slide, jumping on the trampolines and riding Eversons bike. It was so much fun! Emily and I had a great time to. There will be more fun days in the near future with Zach and Emily!

Shooting hoops from on top of the slide.
Future NBA players!

Emily and I tried so hard to get the two boys to smile at the camera a the same time. As seen in the pictures, if we got one of them to smile the other had his eyes closed. It was worth a shot.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Talkative little guy!

Canon usually cannot get a word in when his brother is around. When he does get a chance to voice his opinion, he makes sure he is heard.

Chopsticks expert!

Just looking at Everson you cannot tell that there is an ounce, actually a quarter, of Asian in him. The Asian side of him comes out other places. He loves rice and could eat it for every meal, and his chopstick skills are quite impressive!


It was Everson's first time playing with playdough today and he loved it. The thing that he loved the most was that he was allowed to use a knife, a playdough knife, to cut the playdough. Everson would not put the knife down for even a second. We started out with six different colors of playdough, but by the end of our playdough time, we were down to four multicolored blobs.

Showing Dad his playdough molds while holding playdough knife.
He was so excited that he stabbed some playdough with his beloved knife and it stayed on it.
Using the knife to cut more playdough.
Still using the knife.
Squishing playdough out of plastic thingy, with playdough knife gripped in other hand.
Pushing playdough into mold. Surprisingly he put the knife down, but made sure it was right next to him.
Admiring his playdough molds, with knife in hand!