Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today we had Zach and Emily over today for a playdate. The boys got along great and seemed to have a lot of fun! Getting out of the house or having people over is a must to change things up for Everson. Zach and Everson had so much fun shooting baskets, going down and up the slide, jumping on the trampolines and riding Eversons bike. It was so much fun! Emily and I had a great time to. There will be more fun days in the near future with Zach and Emily!

Shooting hoops from on top of the slide.
Future NBA players!

Emily and I tried so hard to get the two boys to smile at the camera a the same time. As seen in the pictures, if we got one of them to smile the other had his eyes closed. It was worth a shot.


Jessica said...

I love the midair shots! I used to have an obsession with taking shots of things in midair. I made a book. I'll have to show you. :)

Chiara said...

Ohhhhh - Macks and Everson would be such good buddies and have such fun playdates....wahhhhh! ;(

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