Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It was Everson's first time playing with playdough today and he loved it. The thing that he loved the most was that he was allowed to use a knife, a playdough knife, to cut the playdough. Everson would not put the knife down for even a second. We started out with six different colors of playdough, but by the end of our playdough time, we were down to four multicolored blobs.

Showing Dad his playdough molds while holding playdough knife.
He was so excited that he stabbed some playdough with his beloved knife and it stayed on it.
Using the knife to cut more playdough.
Still using the knife.
Squishing playdough out of plastic thingy, with playdough knife gripped in other hand.
Pushing playdough into mold. Surprisingly he put the knife down, but made sure it was right next to him.
Admiring his playdough molds, with knife in hand!