Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aquarium Fun

Another trip the aquarium while visiting the folks. Everson requested that we go because he wanted to see the sharks. The boys love it every time!

Canon was brave and touched a sea anenome. Everson only wanted to look. They had fun watching the Sea Lions, jelly fish, and their favorite, an alligator. The alligator was so nice and came right up to the window in front of us. The boys that it was so cool, I thought he had a look in his eyes that he wanted to eat us.

Next was Everson's favorite, the shark tunnel. He loved trying to find the biggest shark. After a while he got tired of having to spin around to see in every direction that he just laid down on the floor so he could see everything. Of course Lola and Grandpa had to buy them a souvenir from the first shop, alligator chomper heads!

They have a cute little play area that the boys enjoyed!

It was a perfect day, which means it didn't rain!