Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

We woke up to about two inches of snow on the ground and knew we had to get out there before it melted away. So after breakfast, we bundled ourselves up and out we went. The boys' favorite thing to do was eat the snow. Their second favorite was to throw snowballs at me. We had so much fun but we were bummed that Daddy wasn't there to have fun with us!

Canon, eating his fair share of the snow.
I swear Everson didn't stop eating the snow the entire time we were outside.
Enjoying snowballs together!
The snowman the boys and I built. Everson was very sad when the sun came out a couple hours later and melted the snow, which made our lovely snowman fall over. He then perked up and said, "that's okay, we'll just make one out of grass." At which point I just nodded and smiled.


Scotty said...

Hilarious Everson. I'll help you build a snowman out of grass even if your mom doesn't believe it can be done.

Lindsey Anderson said...

Bring your boys to Driggs and they can play in tons of snow. They really are so cute, and what a great Mom for helping them build a snowman:)