Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Everson!

We headed down to Waldport for a fun filled weekend. First on the list of events was a visit to the beach. It was the most perfect day to be at the beach. Almost no wind and it was warm. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but once I get video that my Dad took of us I'll post that. We couldn't have asked for better weather than we had. Everson loved digging in the sand and Canon loved to run around. He even had a little spill and fell in the water, which he wasn't to thrilled about. I don't blame him because the water was still very very cold.
Next event for the day was dinner. My parents cooked up some yummy ribs, chow mien and cucumber tomato salad. My palette was very happy. Then came Everson's 3rd birthday party! We cannot believe he is already three. He is such a great kid and big brother. Everson is currently obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. He would watch Toy Story everyday all day if we let him. To be honest, some days that does cross my mind. His energy is always on hyper speed and his favorite question to ask is, "Why?" We love him!
After dinner we proceeded to the cake. Everson loved getting sung to. Being the type of kid who does not like to get his hands dirty, we did not expect him to dive right into the cake with his hands and face. By the time we stopped him from licking all the frosting and sprinkles off the cake and cut the cake, he already had is fair share.

Next came present opening. I love how he was excited about every present.
My Mom made sure that Canon wasn't left out, so he got to open a couple presents too.

After putting the boys to bed, Todd and I left to go up to Walmart before it closed. We got in there there 10 minutes before closing. We love Walmart. It could be because we do not have one very close to us, or the fact that things are so cheap there!
On our way home we thought we would stop by and visit Aunt Margie and Uncle Jim at their work. It was so good to see them and get a chance to talk with them!


HeatherH said...

Walmart closes? ha ha :)

Cooper Family said...

We were surprised too. We thought it would be open until at least 12am. But I guess since being located in a smaller city the hours are cut shorter. Crazy!

ge said...

The MBT shoes sale seem to be five to ten years ahead of the normal walking MBT Sale when it comes to the technical design.

longge said...