Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An absolute Miracle

Once Everson reached the age of 10 months he would not fall asleep anywhere other than his bed, or pack n' play. We were lucky if we could get him to fall asleep in our arms during church. He wouldn't even fall asleep in his car seat. Everson is definitely not the kid who you find sleeping in random places around the house. He has been napping only two times a week. When I told him that he had to take a nap and he could either do it up in his bed or on the couch downstairs, he insisted that he would nap on the couch. This is how it always starts. He lays on the couch for a little bit, but then we end up going up stairs to his room. Anyway, this time, he miraculously fell asleep without a fuss. I typed at the computer and went in and out of the room and he still kept his eyes closed and fell asleep. I was couldn't believe my eyes.
I didn't want him to nap too late so he wouldn't be up late, but when I tried waking him up after about 2 hours he refused and told me he was still sleepy. He would then roll back over, close his eyes and fall back asleep. I tried five times to wake him up within a 90 minute period, but was unsuccessful. Everson finally woke up when he heard Canon playing upstairs. I don't know if this miracle will ever happen again, but I can at least hope!


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